Stay Positive

You control your attitude and how you respond to negative behavior. Don’t let negative people rob you of your joy and positive energy. It’s hard but you can do it.  There are plenty of negative people that you will encounter in life.  You don’t need to make them a part of your circle.  I want to be one of those people that when I walk into the room people feel the energy (and it is good).  One time I was at a Dolly Parton concert and when she came out on stage, this small woman that is 5 feet tall spoke to the crowd with her familiar southern accent and I could feel the positive energy coming from her.  This feeling lasted for two hours while she was performing. During the concert she shared stories about her life with the crowd which made us laugh but I could feel that others were also feeding off of the positive energy that was coming from Dolly.  I have been to several concerts but will never forget the positive energy that she exuded.  That’s the way I want people to feel after I enter and leave the room (that a positive force was just here).  

Stay positive and keep positive energy around you.  You can get so much more accomplished with a positive mindset.  Have you ever been around a negative person (or people)?  Sometimes they just drain the energy from you with their negativity.  Try not to let that happen.  If you have to make a total life change, then do it.  Life is too short.    Much Love and Success!




The Millionaire Mindset

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