Social Media is Amazing

Social Media is amazing! I know most if not all of you have probably seen a photo (mugshot) of a nice looking man that is a prisoner being shared across FB. He received 50,000 LIKES (most of them from from women). I understand they LIKED it because of his looks, but why don’t we see this kind of response for a man that is a good husband, father, brother, and uncle. A man that does community works or serves his nation and/or GOD.  It’s truly amazing what gets glorified today. LIKE that MAN or WOMAN that truly deserves it. LIKE the man or woman you thought was corny or lame 20 years ago but now owns his or her own company, house, car, and are taking care of their family as well as helping others. They also look good now but you would not give them the time of day before.  Let’s give those people a LIKE. LIKE people who are helping others not those that commit crimes against innocent people. Praise or LIKE those that turned their life around if they have committed crimes in the past and are doing something positive now.  Have a great day and think about who and what you choose to to LIKE.

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