Love Is Powerful

LOVE can be powerful – I just heard this woman say to her boyfriend (not husband) that cheated on her, that she still Loves him and would give her last breath for him to Live.  That is LOVE.  Not that he deserves it but wow the power in her LOVE is amazing (or is it?) I think most of us who searched for LOVE wanted to have someone to feel that way about us.  It hurts when you are willing to give so much of yourself but receive far less in return from the person who says they LOVE you.  The power of this woman’s words almost brought me to tears because it is rare to find people who really Love like that anymore (or at least say they do).  I encounter more self centered (selfish) people today more than ever.  It is usually about what someone else is going to do for them not what they bring to the table to make the family unit strong.  

You are truly blessed or fortunate to have someone that truly Loves you.   Love and cherish them with all of your heart.  Life is too short so enjoy everyday with the people you Love.



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