Life is Too Short – Live and Love

Much Respect to those people who are loyal friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents or spouses. If you have ever been deceived, lied too, and disrespected you know how hard it is to forgive and maintain a certain level of any kind of relationship with a person that has treated you this way.  When you forgive a person, the Forgiveness is really for you (not them).  It is for you to unburden yourself of the pain (the kick in the gut) that the person gave you by mistreating you.  Sometimes you have to Free yourself of the person that caused the pain if they are not truly sorry for the pain that was caused.  I know many good men and women who are very loyal people, good parents, or friends that took it on the chin a few times when it comes to how they were treated by the people they loved.  I tell them to pray and learn to “let it go”.  Life is too short to continue to accommodate those that show you that they do not love you the way you love them.  Much Love and Success to You !


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