Building Relationships Online

Be true to yourself.  Honesty to me is the best policy when building relationships.  Being fake ends up hurting you in the long run.  Look I receive many messages over several social networks pitching me businesses everyday. I don’t put them down, I actually appreciate their straight forwardness. I let them know that I appreciate the information but that I am focused on my business.  You never know who you might end up becoming a customer or business partner with in the future so treat everyone with respect.  Building relationships comes in many forms; how you respond and treat people can actually build future relationships.  Some people connect to form a so called relationship in the beginning with the goal of pitching their business at a later date.  (Is this a real or fake relationship?  Your call) Connect to people because you like how they present themselves.  Some people express their true life story which may help motivate people. Others just share their thoughts about life, work, business and/or family.  I believe in people being up front and real because whether you like it or not you at least know where they are coming from and can deal with it accordingly.  I have some long lasting social media relationships with people that pitched me a business years ago. These actually worked out to be good online relationships because I have learned a lot from their leadership and work ethic (even though I am not in the same business as they are today).

Go build good relationships today!





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